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Thematic group: Buses – fuel & technology options

Determining the appropriate cleaner vehicle option for the replacement of bus fleets is an issue of key concern to many European public authorities. A large number of fuel and technology options exist – choosing the option most appropriate for your specific circumstance presents a significant challenge.

This working group aims to analyse the existing experiences of public authorities with different fuels and technologies from a number of angles – from environmental and cost comparisons, to infrastructural and training requirements, and the opportunities for implementation under different contractual models. The group will also consider current market trends and developments.

The group has now published an extensive report: Clean buses - Experiences of Fuel and Technology Options. This draws together information on the environmental performance, cost and practical aspects associated with 17 different fuel and technology types. Experiences have been taken from over 100 public authorites and tranport operators across Europe. 

Public authorities, technical and professional experts who would like to participate in the exchange and actively input experiences in terms of barriers or lessons learned, can join the groups by sending an email to The discussions will take place online and via telephone. This exchange is not open to vehicle manufacturers at this time but their involvement will be requested as part of ongoing work.

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